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Noorforum has today launched its first official app for Android running devices , giving our audiences the ability to view content from Noorforum at the click of a button.

Viewers with an Android Device now will have access, straight from their Device homepage, to the Noorforum’s  content in a format especially adapted for Smartphones and tablets.

Noorforum App Running on Android Smartphone
Noorforum App Running on Android Smartphone

Noorforum is one of the earliest  blog  to create a dedicated app for their valuable readers and follows its recent digital expansion in the world with

Announcing our digital-first strategy , we have been experimenting with different ways of delivering our content on new digital platforms, allowing us to open up our content to new audiences. The launch of our Android app is a small but positive step towards connecting the new audiences with the Noorforum’s content on an expanding platform with such a huge potential.

The app we’re releasing today was built in HTML5 and hooks directly into our open content platform. We’ve started with a design and experience that is clean and simple and which allows us to experiment in real-time. The app is a beta product at this stage and we welcome feedback to help shape our final product which will be rolled out at a later date.

Features on the Google app include:

– Content displayed in an easy to navigate way with a menu of options including Site Search
– The latest articles from Noorforum
– View videos from Noorforum in high-definition from Media Archive page
– Push notifications for our new content directly on your Smartphone so that you never miss a post.

Currently Noorforum App for Android is available free for download

Scan QR code to download Nnoorforum App

For further information write us at


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