We Strongly Condemn Sydney Siege by Armed Assailant.

Two people died, along with a gunman, after commandos stormed a cafe in Sydney, Australia, to bring to an end a 16-hour siege.

Four people were injured, including a policeman hit by shotgun pellets.

Photo Credit:  Jason Reed/Reuters
A hostage as she runs to flee from a cafe under siege at Martin Place, Sydney, Australia, Dec. 15, 2014.
Photo Credit: Jason Reed/Reuters

Central Sydney was put in lock-down when the gunman seized the hostages early on Monday, forcing some of them to hold up a black Islamic banner at the window of the Lindt cafe.  Readmore…

Muslim organizations reject any attempt to take innocent lives. On a train, one passenger reportedly spotted a Muslim woman removing her hijab, ostensibly out of fear of being targeted. The passenger told her to put it back on and offered to walk with her in solidarity. And so began #illridewithyou hashtag, in support of Australian Muslims . The hashtag went viral trending worldwide, hours after the end of the hostage crisis. That number is now fast approaching 250,000. The tweets included calls not to blame all Muslims for the hostage crisis and, more universally, for greater tolerance. The initiative also included offers of companionship and solidarity for Muslim travelers who might not want to travel alone. But despite the heartwarming subplot, the efforts to head off an anti-Muslim backlash in Australia come at a particularly heated moment in the country.

Islam teaches that unless man learns to live at peace with himself and his fellow human beings, he cannot live at peace with God. Islam re-en forces the concept of humanity and respect for individual liberty.

Holy Qur’an clearly states, “There should be no compulsion in religion” (2:257);

Allah says, “It is the truth from your Lord; wherefore let him who will believe and let him who will disbelieve”. (chapter 18 verse 30)

These verses prove that man is free to choose the religion.

God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an chapter 5 verse 33

Whosoever killed a person – unless it is for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land – it shall be as if he had killed all mankind.

Terrorism, violence, hatred and killing innocent people are not the teaching of Islam. The fanatic group of Muslims is ruining the peaceful religion. Islam teaches or explained by clerics (Mullah) is the wrong interpretation of Islam. Whatever you say or do it should be benefited for humanity and not give the motive to kill innocent people. Promote hatred is not the mission of any religion.

We strongly rejects any attempt to take the innocent life of any human being or to instill fear and terror into their hearts. Any such despicable act only serves to play into the agendas of those who seek to destroy the goodwill of the people of Australia and to further damage and ridicule the religion Islam and Australian Muslims throughout the country.


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian, condemns and rejects all kind of terrorism and violence. Communities Motto is “Love for All hatred for None”. The community has had a long history of disseminating knowledge peacefully, stressing the common ground in the fundamental core teachings of all religions, and recognizing the founders of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other major religions, as recipients of a universal revelation and as thus being true prophets of God.  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community propagates the true teachings of Islam and the message of peace and tolerance through a twenty-four hour satellite television channel (MTA.TV) and Internet, www.alislam.org. Please visit the website to get real picture of Islam and remove the misconception about Islam. May Allah guide all of us on right path.


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