Dr Mehdi Ali  – A Nation Forgets to Honour its brave hero!




I live in a country which vouchsafed its inhabitant’s safety, security, peace, serenity and a guarantee that whosoever wishes to call his God, in which ever language and in which ever building, can do so freely. Yet, these promises seem to be nothing more than a vague dream, or rather a scary nightmare which has caused insomnia in many people around the nation.

 Proclaiming to be a Muslim, or calling on the basic principles of Islam will easily purchase a ticket for me to meet a jail sentence and which could simply cause me to be hanged until death. However, maybe it’s the stubbornness love that is innate within every Ahmadi Muslim that he still, despite the torture and gruesome behaviour, wants to be at the forefront whenever the nation calls upon him.

 Maybe, it’s the arrogance of every Ahmadi Muslim that despite being kicked away and rejected…

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