Pakistan, a place not suitable for Ahmadis in fact for all minorities

Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest and metropolitan city in the country. It is the largest native Punjabi-populated city in the world and an important historical centre of South Asia.

My name is Mutahir Ahmed Today I want to share a story of my Uncle who lives in Lahore. His name is Mr Zulqarnain Waqar*. On Wednesday night, his home was raided and searched by policemen and two bearded men one of whom was later identified as a local cleric named Maulvi Hashim. Hashim is a hawker and sells vegetables in the area. While the other remains unidentified.

Police raided my uncle’s home on the night of 16th April 2014, about 21:30, Hashim called on him at his residence looking for a person called ‘Zohair’ who, according to Hashim, was involved in some paper business. Mr Waqar told Hashim that no such man lived there. All of a sudden, Hashim forced his head into Mr Waqar’s door and queried, ‘Who is he?’ (Hinting at the portraits of one of the Pictures on the wall). Mr Waqar tried to evade him. But he insisted. At last Mr Waqar stated told him about the picture on the wall. After this, Maulvi Hashim left.

It is noteworthy that after Maulvi Sahib departed, He was seen talking to Mr Umer who lives exactly in front of Mr Waqar. Mr Umer also is a staunch opponent of Mr Zulqarnain Waqar. Mr Waqar also doubts that Maulvi Hashim was led to his residence by Mr Umer.

Exactly an hour later after Mauvli Hashim left, about 22:30, Mr Waqar’s door was knocked at by a policeman who first introduced himself as ‘Zakir’ and almost urged Mr Waqar to open the door. On Mr Waqar’s refusal, He told that He is a policeman. As Mr Waqar opened the door, He saw three policemen and two men, one of the two men was Maulvi Hashim, while one policeman was sitting on a bike the other one was standing at the end of the street.

Upon opening the door, One of the cops started questioning Mr Waqar. He asked Mr Waqar how many children does he have? Mr Waqar’s son, Shakeel Ahmed, 17, was forcefully awaken. The cop, then asked Maulvi Hashim, ‘was that he?’ Who having had a deep look at him, denied.

Having asked some irritating questions, two rooms of Mr Waqar were searched. In the meanwhile, Maulvi Hashim tried to divert the matter by objecting to the Ayat ul Kursi and the Holy Quran placed at a his residence’. But he was barred by the Policemen to do so.

The Ppromised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) (1835-1908) founded the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
The Promised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) (1835-1908) founded the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Now I’ll disclose that why police raided my Uncles home and what was his mistake? So dear Police raided My uncle’s home because he’s an Ahmadi and those pictures which Maluvi Hashim was asking my Uncle about was of the Promised Messiah (as) and his successors. My Uncles only mistake is that he’s an Ahmadi living in Pakistan and he’s got Quran in his home. Is having Quran in your home is wrong?? Mr. Waqar has been facing persecution on religious grounds for a long time. A few months back, while his wife was visiting Qadian for Jalsa Salana, some ‘unknown’ miscreants rendered his home’s lock jammed using adhesive. His son Shakeel Ahmed is also frequently teased and hurled at by fellow neighboring boys.

The only mistake I think my Uncle has done is that he’s living in such country where Shezan, a Pakistani beverage corporation and manufacturer is frequently target of controversy because it’s owned by an Ahmadi but people drink Coke and Pepsi although they owned by people who even don’t believe in Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Quran


 ——- Story shared By Mutahir Ahmad


*All the Names has been changed to protect identity


This is not the only story of one Ahmadi Everyday many Ahmadis are persecuted in Pakistan. We termed the Mutahirs Uncle incident as part of an ongoing campaign against Ahmadis in Lahore. False FIRs are being registered against Ahmadis, and they were being targeted mercilessly. Government had failed to protect the minorities and controlling the hate-campaign against Ahmadis. Pakistan’s minority Ahmadiyya sect has become the target of rising sectarian violence, with its burial grounds, mosques, and homes coming under assault. Under Pakistani law, the Ahmadis cannot refer to themselves as Muslims or engage in any Muslim practices, including using Islamic greetings, calling their places of worship mosques, or participating in the hajj, or holy pilgrimage. Ahmadis risk imprisonment for up to three years and a fine if they break those laws, according to the report. Ahmadis are denied fundamental human rights such as access to education and the right to vote. It seems that Pakistani laws put pressure on Ahmadis to renounce their beliefs to gain the same rights as other Pakistanis.


Pakistan, a place not suitable for Ahmadis in fact for all minorities Image Source: Newsline Magazine
Pakistan is a place not suitable for Ahmadiyya Community in fact for all minorities. Image Source: Newsline Magazine

Hundreds of Ahmadis have been killed in riots and sectarian violence in Pakistan since 1974 when they were officially declared non-Muslims. And why? The Ahmadis believe the five pillars of Islam. They believe Muhammad PBUH was the last law bearing prophet. The only difference is they believe God sent a man named Ahmad to reaffirm the teachings of Muhammad PBUH as so many Muslims had gone away from the original message, practicing unjust jihad and oppression. My Only Question from the government of Pakistan (If there is any) is, Are the violent Talibans, who kills children and close schools more Muslims than the Peaceful Ahmadis? That’s why I say Pakistan as a place not suitable for Ahmadis in fact for all minorities. Life cannot, and should not go on, if conditions remains same in front of our eyes. Unless the ‘silent majority’ wakes up and do something.



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