HOWEVER……. I learned.

Needless to say, Religion and Politics have caused great harms to each other. Theirs has always been a deadly embrace. Political injustices and tyrannies can be,and have been, legalized in the name of religion.

Having born and grown up in a country like Pakistan where religion is considered ‘inevitable’ for politics, I have a teasing narration to tell to the world. I belong to a country where Malala is despised as a CIA agent. Many think that her shooting was a drama that was staged to deviate Muslims’ attention from the ongoing protest against the ‘blasphemous’ movie, ‘Innocence of the Muslims’.

Muhammad Abdus Salam, NI, SPk, KBE was a Pakistani theoretical physicist who, when he shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to electroweak unification
Muhammad Abdus Salam,  was a Pakistani Ahmadi theoretical physicist & and only noble laureate of Pakistan

I come from a land where genuine scientist Prof Dr Muhammad Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s first and to date only Noble Laureate is denounced as a disloyal only for his faith in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. While fake professor and plagiarist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is revered as ‘Mohsin e Pakistan’ (Benefactor of Pakistan).

So my country is Pakistan, A place where a man like Salman Taseer who was killed by his own guard for expressing sympathy with a christian woman accused of BLASPHEMY is loathed as ‘Blasphemer’ for denouncing the draconian BLASPHEMY LAWS of the country while Mumtaz Qadiri, his assassin, is celebrated as ‘Ghazi’ ( title given to Muslim warriors or champions) and a great hero of Islam.

I happen to be a common Pakistani whose mind has been filled with hatred against non-

Merchant of Menace | Feb. 14, 2005 Time Magazine Cover Image.
Merchant of Menace | Feb. 14, 2005 Time Magazine Cover Image.

Muslims Hindus, in particular, via national educational policy. I have been made to believe that JEWS, HINDUS and Christians are all conspiring against Muslims and it was these people who deprived us (Muslims) of all our glory. It has been taught to me that my country Pakistan-which literally means LAND OF THE PURE-is the ‘fortress of Islam’ and being the only Muslim country to posses ATOMIC bomb it is our obligation to help ‘Ummah‘ indiscriminately all around the globe. Particularly Muslims languishing in Kashmir and Palestine.

Years kept passing by and I grew into an adult with a strong liking for books and research. As I explored the pages of history and tried to understand the other dimensions of what had been instilled into my young innocent mind, everything and everyone got exposed. I got to know why was I supposed to believe all those myths. I saw the hideous faces of all those who were presented as ‘angels’ of truth and integrity. One by one, each of them became naked before me.

I was told that Pakistan was created to reinforce Islamic law. HOWEVER, I learned that almost every prominent Islamic Cleric-now boasting of his part in the struggle for Pakistan was dead set against the creation of this land. Pakistan the land of pure was dubbed as Napak-istan (urdu: ناپاکستان) meaning the land of impure by them. (So called) Clerics had pronounced edicts of KUFR (non believer) against its founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah (r.a.).

I was told that before British or Jews caused havoc, Muslims lived in peace and harmony with one another. HOWEVER, I learned that it was Muslims themselves who had butchered the grandson of the prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) in the field of Karbala. It was al-Ḥajjāj bin Yūsuf, a Muslim by faith and minister of defence of the Umayyad caliphate, who stoned the Holy city of Mecca and according to some reports did not even spare the Holy building. I found history rife with instances where Muslims killed Muslims with unprecedented mercilessness. It was all very surprising to me as I was never told of this. Probably, I was committing ‘blasphemy’ by questioning the ‘sacred’ past of ours.

Question remains the same

”Were those rulers not violating the explicit injunctions of Islam?”

I thought to myself. ‘Why then they not went into decline?’ was the question that remain unanswered to this day.

Religion and PoliticsEventually, I ended up in denial. Once I was a staunch proponent of Religion based politics. HOWEVER, Now I am a staunch ‘opponent’ of religion based politics. I have become convinced that ‘RELIGIONS HAVE NO STATES AND STATES HAVE NO RELIGIONS’. I, now, stand for a SECULAR and PROGRESSIVE Pakistan with no Anti-Ahmaddiyya or Blasphemy Laws as part of country’s constitution.


  •  written by: Mutahir Ahmed

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