Man Shot Dead in Pakistan Due To His Faith.

Lahore, Pakistan — Four armed teenagers entered Jawad Karim’s house on Monday and shot him dead. They then walked away from the scene, said Imtiaz Adnan, Karim’s brother and a witness to the incident. Jawad Kareem who was just 32 was killed in cold blood unknown people who came to his house & killed him under the cloud of night. Jawad Karim has left two kids behind him one 5-year-old daughter & a just 5 months old son, who would never see his father again. Mr Jawad Karim who was shot dead, two days ago, his mother died of heart failure yesterday. She was unable to assimilate the bad news.

Ahmadis in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore have been facing threats & persecution from last many months which increased with the passage of time. After the new Government came in Pakistan, The killing of minorities just increased. The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who took oath on june 5 2013 have pledged in his opening address to protect the rights of minorities. But he’s still failed to protect them.

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pakistan spokesperson Mr.  Saleemudin tweeted that:

Saleemudin said Karim had been targeted because of his faith. He condemned the incident and said it had occurred as part of an ongoing campaign against Ahmadis in Lahore. False FIRs were registered against Ahmadis, he said, and they were being targeted mercilessly. He said that the government had failed to protect the minorities and controlling the hate-campaign against Ahmadis.

Saleemudin said fatwas were regularly issued against Ahmadis in public meetings. Banners and stickers that incited hatred against Ahmadis were openly distributed and displayed. He appealed to the government to protect their lives and liberty.

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