Thousands Muslims gather on London streets to condemn barbaric murder of UK soldier

Thousands of members of a Muslim community will condemn the barbaric murder of Drummer Lee Rigby when they congregate today for Friday Prayers.

At Western Europe’s largest Mosque, in London, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community from across the country will gather to offer prayers for Drummer Rigby’s family and express solidarity against extremism.

Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community UK, said: “We stand united with the rest of the country in sharing the deep sorrow and pain following the horrific senseless attack on Wednesday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Drummer Lee Rigby.

“We hope that the perpetrators of this crime, that is based on a twisted and warped ideology, are brought to justice.

“Islam is a religion of compassion and peace; a religion which considers the killing of an individual akin to killing the whole of humankind. Such acts of violence, therefore, have absolutely no place in Islam and can never be justified.”

Mean time, the Telegraph reports that dozens of Islamophobic incidents have occurred following the killing of Drummer Rigby on Wednesday, including graffiti and vandalism at mosques and a number of Muslims, including children, being abused in the street.

The Tell Mama hotline for reporting such incidents logged 38 cases over Wednesday night, with more reported yesterday.

A number of social networking sites have carried messages calling for Muslim sites to be attacked.

The “True British Patriots” Facebook page carried calls for mosques in Watford in Hertfordshire and Morden, south London, to be burned down.


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