Govt. of Pakistan is again keeping Ahmadis away from Vote

Pakistani Government have again done the same thing as before. In the upcoming elections of the country on 11th May, The Pakistani voters who belongs to Ahmadiyya Community is registered on a separate list, Specially designed for Ahmadi voters. Which is not acceptable by Ahmadiyya Community. Due to that ruthless treatment, Ahmadiyya Community have decided to stay away from voting in the upcoming elections because they have serious reservations to the transfer of their names to the list designated only for Ahmadis. Ahmadiyya Community of Pakistan believes that  The government must design only one common list of voters.

There are about 200,000 Ahmadi voters in Pakistan. And it plays a big difference if that amount of Pakistanis are not casting vote. ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) is now a days campaigning in the country, Which motivate people to Vote. But ECP must now think about themselves that Do they allow people to vote? Govt. of Pakistan believes in free and transparent elections but the Govt. is treating Ahmadis separately. 

Mr. Majeeb-ur-Rahman, a senior advocate says in a video recorded by BBC urdu:

                    Ahmadi community will not cast vote in 11th May elections .

The situation cannot be allowed to continue. The Ahmadis must be given equity. They are also Pakistanis. No institution or individual has the right to determine the faith of a citizen. No country in the world bear this. This situation absolutely denies human right laws.  This only happens in Pakistan. That is why many Ahmadis have fled the country in order to get justice. Now its the duty of Pakistani Govt to provide justice and equity to Ahmadis in Pakistan. Justice needs to be done so that all citizens of Pakistan can be seen and treated equally.

2 thoughts on “Govt. of Pakistan is again keeping Ahmadis away from Vote

  1. Rana Naseer ahmad

    ‘Electoral lists for the Ahmadis was a different color to the pink color of Ahmadis and put the fire out at us like untouchables
    Or., And then it gave me an affidavit to sign, which he signed against my conscience, and I do not want to use their right village.

  2. Rana Naseer ahmad

    Pakistan’s Election Commission tribe, religion, community or language involved to seek votes on the basis of the amyduarn have announced a three-year sentence.
    Masaءallh Election Commission on the basis of religion for vote does not signify people. Millions which voters can use their right not dy. Lystyn election are two types of co-Leste in that they include all religions and communities. Others lyst include non-Ahmadi Muslim .. I duklh it be said pin or mnafqanyh policy, discrimination or hatred ahmdyt be said.

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