None of my business, but…..relocate!????

The Rantings

State with religion…..state without a religion…. methinks confusing but important question.

Pakistan on the brink of election with the intelligentsia geared towards presenting either their papers to the Returning Officers or their point of views about the kind of State they want Pakistan to be.

News articles are mostly in criticism of Section 62 and 63 mostly criticizing its inventor than the Sections themselves lest the writer comes under contempt. Now that ‘all’ the people have magically passed the criteria set out, methinks it is absolutely amazing to see Islamic law being brazen in the land of the pure! Appropriate knowledge of Islam never meant to pass all the Tom, Dick and Harries but somehow every educated fool and uneducated scholar has equal hold on religion.

But that is all on the political ground, something for the world to see. On the individual level every Pakistani is being influenced by multiple actors in the game, the politicians…

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