Clerics tortured Ahmadi family in Kasur

A group of men ransacked the home of an Ahmadi leader in Kasur, Pakistan’s Punjab province, injuring him and two members of his family,Mr. Saleemuddin, representatives of the minority sect said.

City in Pakistan
Kasur, the capital of Kasur District in Pakistan. Kasur is located adjacent to the border of Ganda Singh Wala between Pakistan and India, and is a tourist attraction because of the daily occurring Flags lowering ceremony.

According to country’s stalwart media outlet, ET, a mob led by a local cleric chanted slogans against Ahmadi families, their religious beliefs and their community before breaking into the house. The five members of the family tried to take refuge in a room but the mob broke into the room as well.

Police personnel were reportedly present at the spot but did not take any action against the mob.

Head of the family (name removed to protect identity) was severely tortured after which he lost consciousness, while his wife and his 70-year-old uncle were also beaten. Head of the family was shifted to a hospital where authorities claimed that he is in critical condition.
Ahmed and two of his relatives were injured in the incident and had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, said Jamaat Ahmadiya Pakistan spokesman Saleemuddin.

About a dozen Ahmadi families live in Shamsabad area of Kasur. “The local community, spearheaded by a cleric, has been pressuring the Ahmadis for quite some time to leave the area,” he said.

“The locals have virtually boycotted the Ahmadiya community. Neither a doctor treats them at the local clinic nor shopkeepers allow them to buy eatables or groceries,” Saleemuddin said.

Even the children of Ahmadis have been denied admission in local schools.

“The Ahmadis in the areas were also manhandled in the streets,” Saleemuddin said.

The matter had been reported to police but they had failed to act, he said.

Saleemuddin urged the authorities to look into the matter and take action against those who had assaulted Ahmed.

Sheikh Yousuf, Head of the Ahmadi community in Kasur, told media that he had repeatedly asked the DPO Kasur to establish a police check post in the area as they had been receiving threats since six months. He said that the DPO had agreed to his demands but the local MNA created hurdles in establishment of the check post.

He claimed that the police had deliberately left the Ahmadi family at the mercy of the mob, and the clerics who attacked that threatened the family to convert to their religion or face consequences.

The house was attacked when Mansoor refused to convert, Yousuf added.

Several Ahmadi cemeteries in Punjab province were vandalised last year. Members of hardline groups destroyed or removed gravestones with Quranic inscriptions.

Police in Lahore removed Quranic inscriptions from several Ahmadi mosques and shops run by members of the community after receiving complaints from the public

According to The Express Tribune The police in Kasur is yet to make an arrest in connection with the attack on a local Ahmadi leader’s house and are instead requesting the Ahmadi community in the area to withdraw their complaint

The incident of torturing Ahmadi family at Kasur is shocking, terrible and tragic. Even worse that the local police authorities were playing a helping hand with the mob and directly involved in the incident. To date there has been no police case registered or any arrests made. I fail to understand how such an incident can take place in the first place. I firmly believe that every Pakistani citizen has a right to live peacefully and it is the duty of the police to protect them. Punjab remains to be a land of curse of the Ahmadiyya and the concerned authorities are having a deaf ear to it. No alarm bells are ringing and no one is to listen. A hope of despair prevails like always.

Asian Human Right Commission (AHRC) also demanded urgent appeals from the people in this regard:



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