Blasphemy : What the True Islam Says?

Yet another case of misusing of the notorious blasphemy law of Pakistan.

Mullah protesting blasphemy of Aasia Bibi

An 11 years old Christian girl Rimsha Masih has been accused and arrested for blasphemy. Nation has not yet forget the Aasia Bibi ‘ s case and the brutal murder of Salman Taseer Governor Punjab. This blasphemy law has nothing to do with the true teachings of Islam and Quran and has been misused and additionally these allegations of blasphemy have led to assassinations , extra judicial killings and threats to life and property.

Rimsha Masih (some reports use the name Rifta or Riftah) is a Pakistani child who was arrested in Islamabad by Pakistani police in August 2012 and who could face the death penalty for blasphemy  for allegedly desecrating pages of the Quran (or a book containing verses from the Quran) by burning. She is a member of Pakistan’s Christian minority.

There are conflicting claims as her mental condition: many sources report that she has Down Syndrome, and her family has been reported to have told her lawyer that she suffers from mental illness. There are also conflicting reports about her age: although most sources describe her as 11 years old, she has also been claimed to be aged 14 or 16.

Condemning the detention of 11-year-old Rimsha Masih of Islamabad in a blasphemy case, the All Pakistan Minority Alliance (APMA) said on Friday the Christians were still not considered Pakistani citizens and that the wider Pakistani society should understand that “the Christians here are Pakistanis first” and Christians later.

“We condemn Rimsha’s arrest and are thankful to the president of Pakistan for taking immediate notice of the issue,” said Saleem Khurseed Khokhar, chairman Standing Committee on Minority’s Affairs Sindh, while speaking to the media at the press club.

Islam condemns blasphemy on moral grounds but there is no physical punishment has been prescribed in the Holy Quran nor we find any incident in the life of the founder of Islam Muhammad (pbuh) or his saying which suggests that there should be a law for the physical punishment of blasphemer. Such laws have nothing to do with Islam and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The teachings of Quran and the holy prophet (pbuh) present a totally opposite scenario from what mullah the so-called religious scholars are now presenting. How ironic it is that the Quran calls Muhammad (pbuh) as ” Rahmatul lil aalameen” that is the mercy for all the worlds but his ignorant and so-called followers want blood shed and killing in his name.

Now lets take a look on Quranic teaching about blasphemy. Quran says,

” And He has already revealed to you in the Book that, when you hear the Signs of Allah being denied and mocked at, sit not with them until they engage in a talk other than that; for in that case you would be like them. Surely, Allah will assemble the hypocrites and the disbelievers in Hell, all together.” 4:140

What a beautiful teaching it is that when you see people are mocking and doing blasphemy just walk out from there. Then Quran goes further ahead and admonish its followers not to say anything disrespectful to the idols or any other objects of worship beside God.

” And revile not those whom they call upon beside Allah, lest they, out of spite, revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus unto every people have We caused their doing to seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return; and He will inform them of what they used to do.” 6:108

One can go through the whole Quran but would not find any verse which support the idea of physical punishment for blasphemy and the same applies on the life of the prophet of Islam. The disbeliever and hypocrites used to insult him all the time and Quran stands witness to it but there is not a single incident which can be presented to support the ridiculous and disgusting laws of blasphemy.

The most serious incident is recorded by the Holy Quran itself that hypocrites accused Aaisha (ra) the wife of the Holy prophet (pbuh) for adultery and the chief of the hypocrites Abdullah bin Ubyy bin Salul and his followers were part of that false allegation. And Upon returning from an expedition they said when we will return back to Medina the noblest person ( chief of hypocrites) would expel the meanest ( Mohammad pbuh ) from Medina.
Quran says,

” They say, ‘If we return to Medina, the one most honorable will surely drive out there from the one most mean;’ while true honor belongs to Allah and to His Messenger and the believers; but the hypocrites know not.” 63:8

Everyone knew this insult of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his own son who was a true Muslim came to Prophet (pbuh) and asked for his permission to kill his own father but the Mercy for all the Worlds refused to give permission to him nor he permitted anyone else to do so.

After this incident Abdullah bin Ubyy bin Salul lived in Medina and died his natural death. One would be surprised that the prince of the mercy and peace gave his own shirt for his burial and decided to lead his funeral prayer though his companion did not want him to do that and Umar (ra) who later succeeded the prophet (pbuh) as his second caliph stood in his way and said with respect, I won’t let you go to lead the funeral prayer of such a hypocrite and blasphemer and argued with him but Holy Prophet (pbuh) smiled and said,

stand aside Umar , I know better…… and went and led his funeral prayer.

Now one can imagine how obnoxious it is to demand the killing of blasphemer in the name of such a great person who was nothing but the mercy for all the worlds.



One thought on “Blasphemy : What the True Islam Says?

  1. We have Jewish citizens in Israel that attack other Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do not “live righteous lives.” Go figure! The best to my friends in Pakistan and bless the work that you do. Thanks again for the Koran translated into Yiddish article. I will learn to read Haaretz more often,

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