Press Release about murder of Master Abdul Qadoos Sahib by Police torture

Rabwah (PR): It is with great sadness that the Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan reports that earlier today, a well-known and respected Ahmadi, Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad (43), died succumbing to brutal police torture in Rabwah. Few months ago Ahmad Yousuf a stamp paper seller from Nusrat Abad was murdered and police on the basis of suspicion illegally arrested Master Abdul Qudoos. Police made him subject to inhuman life threatening torture, which resulted in loss of his life. When Master Abdul Qadoos body could not take further torture his relatives were blackmailed to take him and he was released after taking signature on plain paper. Master Abdul Qudoos sahib was admitted to local hospital where doctors tried to save his life in vain. He died due to severe internal injuring and excessive loss of blood. He died today on Friday 30 March 2012. A widow, 4 kids and old parents survived Master Abdul Qudoos. He was a government school teacher in education department.

The spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan Mr. Saleem ud Din expressed profound grief and sorrow over this innocent loss of life.

He said the way Master Abdul Qudoos was tortured and brutalised is the lowest form of humanity.

He said that police should investigate the murder case of Mr. Ahmad Yousuf and whoever is involved in this case should be brought to justice but police has no right to pick up any person of their choice and subject them to extra judicial torture. Mr. Saleem ud Din questioned that who has given the right to police to torture and kill innocent citizens on the name of investigations that result in loss of innocent life.

Mr. Saleem ud Din further added that the real cause of this whole case was built to nominate and false fully involve the local Ahmadiyya administration of Rabwah. Master Abdul Qudoos was the president of local chapter of Rabwah named Nusrat Abad and his arrest was directly linked to this heinous attempt. Mr Saleem ud Din demanded that this matter should be investigated and a high-ranking commission should be formed to investigate this matter. He also urged the government to take notice of these torture tactics of police who subject innocent citizens to inhuman torture ending in loss of innocent life. It is rightly said that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Master Abdul Qudoos who was illegally arrested by police and then subjected to torture was something that was done without any legal charges and the culprits in uniform who are behind the extra judicial murder should be brought to justice so people could have faith in the police department.

End of Press Release

Urdu Press release image.

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