“An Inconvenient Truth”

It feels very uncomfortable for everyone who listens news regarding any type of chaos in the world. I was pondering upon the situation that why God send these divine punishments and penalties on us. Rather its a life thing or something else that Allah wants to show us and we are failed to reach on that and that why He shows sign for us so that we can remember again and again or something else is all behind this…..?

Remember 11 March when a series of powerful earthquakes struck north-east Japan on Friday afternoon, triggering warnings of tsunami as high as 10 metres and shaking buildings in Tokyo, Dig into the past when hundreds were dead and thousands were displaced by Pakistan flooding, You must have heard of the Indonesian tsunami and 8th October 2005 sunrise of Pakistan.

What do you think of  those innocent people who drowned in the Floods , And what do you call that boy who killed in the debris of Margala towers? A terrorist?? Of course not.. Did they commit any crime so Allah has punished them?? These simple questions were circulating in my mind and I think now in yours also. I fell like this isn’t a part of life and all those Devine penalties and punishments from Allah is not a Global Warming thing in fact Global Warming is also a punishment for us by Allah because we are still not able to descry the Truth.

After all I found the answers of all the above question in Quran. Bani Israel verse 16:

وَمَا كُنَّا مُعَذِّبِيْنَ حتى نَبْعَثَ رَسُوْلًا

Translation: “And We never punish till We have sent a Messenger.”

This verse exactly tell us that Allah does not send these Punishments without sending any Messenger. Means Without any Messenger there should be no Punishment. So there must be a messenger of Allah whom we couldn’t yet find and believed. Where is he? Our eyes are still veiled.

Move your eyes around the world so you can find any Messenger. Yes A man of God, A man of peace. Do you know more than 100 years back, in 1889 in a small town of Qadian a man of God came and said He’s a Prophet of God and Allah has sent him.  His name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (as).

He it is Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom though before that they were in manifest error; And He will raise him among others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.” Surah Al-Jumuah 62:3-4

So people Messenger has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) (1835-1908) of Qadian. Ahmad(as) claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus(as) of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad(sa). Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that God sent Ahmad(as), like Jesus(as), to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. Ahmad’s(as) advent has brought about an unprecedented era of Islamic revival. He divested Islam of fanatical beliefs and practices by vigorously championing Islam’s true and essential teachings. He also recognized the noble teachings of the great religious founders and saints, including Zoroaster(as), Abraham(as), Moses(as), Jesus(as), Krishna(as), Buddha(as), Confucius(as), Lao Tzu and Guru Nanak, and explained how such teachings converged into the one true Islam.

Official flag of Ahmadiyya Muslim Comunity. The flag is black in color, in the middle of the flag is Minaret al-Masih, and on upper two corners are the Crescent and the full Moon in white. The flag is 18 feet long and 9 feet wide.

His community is known as Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the foremost Islamic organization with a central spiritual leader. Over a century ago, Ahmad(as) reminded his followers of God’s promise to safeguard the message of Islam through khilafat (the spiritual institution of successorship to prophethood). It believes that only spiritual successorship can uphold the true values of Islam and unite humanity. Five spiritual leaders have succeeded Ahmad(as) since his demise in 1908. It’s fifth and current spiritual head, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, resides in the United Kingdom. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam. Founded in 1889, it spans over 195 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions.

Now the ball is in your court whether you want to believe on the above mentioned verse of Quran or not. “And We never punish till We have sent a Messenger.” Just think on it….

By: Zeeshan Ahmad Sidhu


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