If I were the President of Pakistan……

If i were President of Pakistan

Just reading above topic makes you believe that the person is going  to chat funny about it. Generally we only hear this topic during the competition of the contemporary speeches but today lets take this seriously. I am going to talk about what Pakistan would be like if I were the president and what steps would I take to prevent terrorism, spread tolerance, accomplish peace, organise law and order, provide justice and not only the food, cloths and shelter but also the pure drinking water.

The second caliph of Islam, Hadhrat Umer (RA) once said: that even a dog dies on the bank of river Nile out of thirst, I would be responsible for his death.
He was one of the leaders during the days when Islam was practiced with its purist form. Surly, I will try to follow his footsteps. After becoming the president, I would immediately either initiate a governmental call centre or give my personal cell number to the people so if any body, who is hungry, naked, cold and without shelter could tell me and I would arrange rescue for him It’s the responsibility of the local governmental official to take care of its people.  When I will receive the emergency calls, I would ask my secretary to find the Nazim of the area and ask him to feed, provide shelter and take steps to fulfil his needs. No, I am not joking, I am damn serious. That call centre will help me out in many scenarios for instance, if the Police is not filing a legitimate FIR, I would know from my call centre. If police is asking for bribery, I would know and would take steps to avoid that.
After initiating that call centre or giving out my cell number, now its time to make my own cabinet. It would really be a difficult task. I would like to start a new democratic style of presidential system, which means that I won’t be having a Prime Minster. I will follow the democratic system of USA. I will have different ministries. I would nominate young, educational and devoted people as secretaries of those ministries. I would make sure that we meet once every day and I get daily reports about their daily progress. I will address to nation once every week and I would tell them about our weekly progress. I would also make presidential house a university or library or historic museum. I would use Prime Minister house as our offices so that every secretary could work in the same building and would be available on immediate notice. I would live in the apartments opposite to the president house. The president gets the food, shelter, cloths and travel for free so there is no need for me to take a million dollars every year. My salary would be only Rs. 10,000/month and my secretaries and ministers would get Rs. 9500/month will all benefits included. I would make it mandatory for all of the government officials to not to spend their money outside of Pakistan by any chance.
Official Flag of the President of Pakistan
I would definitely make Kala Bagh dam ASAP but addition to that, I would make more dams so they can produce more electricity. I would then convert the 220 volt electricity to 110 volt, which would lead us to consume less electricity and use more appliances. This is how I would do it. I would ask different appliance making companies to come to Pakistan and trade those 220v capable machinery with 110 volt. People can just trade in their old appliances and get new one for just the difference of the price. I would give 40% subsidy and people won’t pay tax on these purchases. I would then turn my attention to the transportation. Instead of using fuel, I would use electricity to power trains. I would also make subways and underground trains in almost every district of Pakistan so people would get rid of those nasty and ugly local buses. The drivers, instead of driving their own local buses, will drive these trains. I would make more industries especially in Baluchistan. I would also recommend using of electrical stoves for cooking and save natural gas for cars. Eventually, the drivers would transit back to patrol because it would be available to all and it would be cheap.  Then I would turn toward the roads. I would make motorways and free-ways. Police department would give on-spot tickets to the violators.
The Gawader port is one of the best resources to earn the money. I would give full access to China and Russia so that they could use our to ship out their materials. It would bring more industries in Pakistan also. Ideally, I would be using the vast land of Baluchistan for more housing and industrial development. One of the most interesting thing is that the cost line of Pakistan is about 700 miles. I would make sure that I make seaports at least after every 100 miles. And if we make these seven ports fully functional, we can make seven Dubais here.
Punjab has very fertile soil but unfortunately we are wasting our land by making houses instead of using it for agriculture. Other providences, however, could be used for housing schemes. If we get all the benefit from the fertile soil, we could earn a lot of revenue.
The education is a right to all. I would make sure that the ratalization (trend to learn anything by heart without knowing the meaning and concept.)  ends in Pakistan.  Students never remember rata. I would bring in other system in which students will learn by doing projects and research. I would consider making libraries an obligatory thing. The education department will award financial aid to students so they could pay for their education. Introducing the system of student jobs and intern ship would be great. Students could work in groceries store and make their own money. I would make high school compulsory for every single person. I would bring in other subjects so that students can learn more and we can benefit from our next generation. Intermediate level of Science, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers, Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi, Pashto and Sindhi would be compulsory to graduate from High school. Islamic studies would be optional because we have very diverse religious population in Pakistan. In addition to Islamic studies I would also provide classes of Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism etc. Combining them together and making it “comparative religions” would be great idea. I would also make sure that universities provide MA programs for all these subjects. I would also bring in subjects like ocean-ology, fire sciences, anthropology, nursing, music, drama, public safety, criminal justice, law enforcement, health, meteorology, energy, plantation and many more. I would assign at least 35% or more of the state budget to the education.
Science is at its beginning stage in Pakistan. I would make scientific research centres and would ask the scientists of the world to come in and do their research here. Introducing the satellite technology in Pakistan would be beneficial. Instead of paying to other companies, I would send out our own satellites from Pakistan.
The judiciary system of Pakistan needs to be improved. I would make the law that judge has to resolve a case in not more than one month. Police would be trained like army. I would make sure to bring in trainers from internationally acclaimed police departments to train our guys and train them in such a way that they never take bribe.
President's tax Scheme
I would also bring in tax system. To make sure that every body gets the exactly the same pay that person deserve, I would bring in the system of payment by check. So we have some sort of check and balance system. It would be benefit for both state and people. Every single person, no matter where does he work, would get pay stubs.
Now let me reveal the people who will be in my government.
  •      Secretary of the State and foreign Affairs    – Sherbanno Taseer
  •     Secretary of the Treasury   – Mehmood Malik (My uncle who is a banker in NY)
  •      Secretary of Defence  and Home Land security   – Gen Tallat Massod (Rtd.)
  •      Attorney general      –  Rana Bhagwaan Das
  •      Secretary of Interior      – Hina Rabbani Khar
  •     Secretary of Agriculture and food    – any one who has done BA in agriculture
  •      Secretary of Commerce    -Imran Khan
  •  Secretary of Health, Human Services and Human rights   – Ansaar Barni / Abdus Satar Edhi
  •  Secretary of Housing and Urban  Development   – Undecided
  •  Secretary of Transportation   – Sheikh Rasheed
  •  Secretary of Education   – Ali Moeen Nawazish
  •  Secretary of  Minority Rights   – One representative from each of Shia,  Christians, Ahmadies, Sikhs, Hindus and Kaffiristan
  •  Secretary of Housing and Urban Development   –  Undecided
  •  Secretary of Scientific development  and Energy    – Dr. Qadeer Khan
  •  Secretary of Sports   – Jan Sher Khan
  •  Secretary of arts    – Anwar Maqsood
  •  Secretary of Tourism    -Wajahat Malik
  •  Secretary of Labor and Men power    -My self
 Honorary members : Hassan Nisar, Zia Mohiyyodin, and that Sikh guy who joined Pak Army couple years ago. (forget his name) 

Do you think that if I could do this or not? No, because the funny thing is that I can’t become President of Pakistan ever. Yes I am Pakistani though but the constitution don’t consider me a Muslim. This is the greatest tragedy

by: Sheheryar Ahmad


Sheheryar is a Pakistani born American that prefer USA over Pakistan due to freedom of speech and religion.


17 thoughts on “If I were the President of Pakistan……

  1. Azka

    Tuba is right if you give first priority over yours which is not yours how can you be so loyal to a country who you never loved only we PAKISTANI can be so loyal and patriotic to PAKISTAN you just stay in Erica and enjoy you have given nothing to this country even LOVE

  2. jawariya

    good saying…but my question is dat if you were the president of pakistan then u will do all these thing whatever you said…..???

  3. Kanza rizvi

    Em wid u man… U r pakistani … N being a muslim i believe u n ur pure heart … Best ov luck .. Stay blessed

  4. Sheheryar Ahmad

    Jazakallah all. I appreciate your feedback and criticism. Madam Tuba, yes in a sense you are right but I believe that if I am living in US and enjoying all the goodies and benefits of this good country, I should be loyal to USA right now. The constitution of Pakistan wouldn’t let me the president because according to that constitution I am not a “Muslim”. But I give you my words that it really dosen’t metter if I am the president of Pakistan or India, I would be loyal to that country because thats what the teaching of Islam is. Just like saying of Hadhrat Umer that even if a dog dies next to river out of thirst, I should be responsible. If I become president, I will be loyal to Pakistan. 🙂

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